Rapid Urbanism

Rapid Urbanism: Speed and Scale for Better Cities

Rapid Urbanism is a progressive school of thought for building inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities in the global south at high speed and large scale. This is required in order to make a contribution that is meaningful, given the unprecedented magnitude and velocity of the urbanization process—despite of constrained resources, particularly in the public sector and amongst civil society actors. Rapid urbanization challenges tackled include, but are not limited to, the rapid and equitable delivery of well-connected urban land, housing, basic infrastructure and services, arterial infrastructure networks (particularly transportation including mass public transit and alternative non-motorized modes) as well as the creation of life-affirming job opportunities. Rapid Urbanism promotes the Rapid Urbanism Pattern Language: a synergistic balance of spatial, socioeconomic, financial and institutional development tools that fruitfully complement each other.  Rapid Urbanism addresses policy makers, community activists, architects, urban designers and planners as well as other actors in rapidly urbanizing cities of the global south.

To achieve its mission, Rapid Urbanism is launching the Institute for Advanced Urbanization and Artificial Intelligence at the 9th session of the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Feb 7-13, 2018, dedicated to implementing the United Nation’s New Urban Agenda. In this regard, IAUAI is envisaged as a non-profit host for a bold initiative for market-based and inclusive slum prevention and upgrading in order to harness urbanization.

Acknowledgements. The Rapid Urbanism approach and the underlying political economy model would not be possible without the unparalleled support of the world’s leading scientific institutions and experts.