Evandro Holz

_CS_6921-2_cortada2Evandro Davi Holz is a Senior Urban Development Consultant from Brazil. He holds a MSc. in Urban Management (TU Berlin) with a background in Civil Engineering (UFRGS, Brazil). His areas of expertise include environment, urban resilience and housing.

Evandro has more than eight years of experience working in projects in South America, Africa and Europe. Having started his career in construction and urban infrastructure, he quickly broadened his scope of work, joining the world’s leading sustainability consulting firm ERM, where he worked in environment-related projects in urban and non-urban areas .

Recently, built on the knowledge acquired during his master’s, he has geared his efforts more specifically to urban and international development issues, such as urban resilience and adequate housing, being involved in projects with international and bilateral agencies including UN-Habitat and GIZ.

Please find Evandro’s linkedin profile and a wide range of information here.