Patricia Guena Trottenberg

Patricia Guena Trottenberg is Urban Development Associate, currently attending the MSc. Urban Management at TU Berlin. A graduate architect and urbanist from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, she has seven years of experience in slum upgrading, infrastructure, green areas, and legislation in Brazil, with special focus on environmental issues and participatory processes. Her work deals with urban requalification through physical and territorial arrangements, aiming to develop social and economic features that enhance the quality of life for local populations through participatory process.

She has developed work for the Litoral Sustentável program for the upgrading of slums in coastal cities, with particular focus on environmental sustainability. During her time at the Embu das Artes Department of Environment and Urban Development (SEMADU), Patricia projected and implemented social housing, slum upgrading, and public equipment, and also elaborated relevant legislation with the department. At the São Paulo Department of Parks and Green Areas (DEPAVE), she managed project for parks and green areas. She was also part of different interagency councils, representing the department in cooperative projects.

For further information, please see her linkedin profile here.