UN-Habitat Capacity Building Workshop

In October 2014, Rapid Urbanism delivered a UN-Habitat capacity building workshop on inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable urban development with a focus on affordable housing. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, government officials from national institutions in disaster management, housing and construction, representatives of finance institutions, donors and development practitioners participated in a two day workshop entitled ‘Designing & Financing Incremental Housing’ held in Colombo. Organized by UN-Habitat at the request of the European Union Delegation in Sri Lanka, the forum discussed the principles and advantages of incremental housing within a broader framework of public policy and a private sector business model generator for affordable housing. Read more here: http://www.unhabitat.lk/news94.html


Group working on a comprehensive policy analysis and program design exercise.
(Picture courtesy of Jaime Royo-Olid)

The workshop was based on the Rapid Urbanism Pattern Language and expanded on an earlier workshop conceptualized by Reinhard Goethert (SIGUS/MIT), Deidre Schmidt (One Roof Global) and Matt Nohn (Rapid Urbanism) for the 2014 UN-Habitat World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia. Download the training documentation here: https://app.box.com/s/tveykc8iplz0q3loy11d

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